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MAKKAH ARABIC is the premier online Islamic institution, offering a wide variety of Arabic courses and Arabic Lessons available for one to study in the comfort of their own home. We are pleased to offer courses and classes ranging from Quran Tutoring through to courses which teach Tajweed and the Arabic language.

Our courses present a unique approach to learning Arabic and Quran tutoring and we pride ourselves on offering an approach that little bit different to the rest. Please take a moment to have a look at the various courses offered by Makkah Arabic Online Islamic institute and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Arabic reading(Qaida for Beginners)

This course is for those students who wish to take their first steps into learning to read and write the Arabic script of the Quran starting from the Alphabet with its (Makhraj) correct pronunciations. It will cover learning the letters, vowel and the basic rules needed for Quranic reading. At the end of the course the student will be able to read the Quran and identify the letters, vowels and different symbols of tajweed. The reader will also learn a very easy simplified way of linking the letters and vowels together to read the Quran correctly .This course is for absolute beginners who have never studied Arabic and quran before. Students who pass the exam will receive a certificate


Classical/Quranic Arabic language

MAKKAH ARABIC has meticulously devised a program of study that uses the Al-Arabiya Bayna Yadayk Book Series as a base to teach from, as well as a wide range of other resources from institutions around the Arab world. For those seeking an excellent academic standard of Qur’anic Arabic and Understanding Islam. Includes Modern Spoken and literary Arabic.

The course is based on Al-Arabiya Bayna Yadayk – used in Middle East to teach native Arab student. and Many Qur’anic examples and exercises, coverage of verses from Holy Qur’an in each unit. Strong emphasis on Arabic grammar with detailed reading and listening exercises. Beginner (Alphabet) level to Advanced level (understanding Qur’anic verses / Hadith / Literature).

Comprehensive spoken practice with Arabic teacher integrated into lessons. It includes Hundreds of topic areas and scenario based discussions including considerable vocabulary. Continuous stage-based testing to help student gain confidence. After this course student will be able to read and understand quran.arabic literature, Arabic newspaper.


Business Arabic

Arabic is spoken by over 300 million people who live in 22 countries that make up the Arab world. Some of these countries are well known ,such as Egypt, Saudia Arabia , Morocco ,Iraq and United Arab emirates and others are less known in addition to being the official language of these countries. Arabic also the religious language of over 2 billion Muslims. It is the language of holy Quran, prophet Muhammad (Sallahu Alihi Wasallam). it is the language of jannah also. we know that people learn Arabic for a variety of reasons – for travel, business, to read the Quran, Islamic teachings, to supplement their education or simply for love of learning languages. That is why Makkah Arabic use a highly personalised approach and offer business Arabic courses and private Arabic lessons to the needs of the individuals. A program designed for professionals/businessman working in the Middle East or with Arab clients.

Course is based scenarios (meetings, contracts, business correspondence etc).it includes Situations covering living in Middle East (travel, banking, accommodation, shopping etc).it will include Customized lessons for professionals / industry (e.g. energy, medicine, commerce etc).Strong emphasis on spoken Arabic and comprehension with Arabic teacher.

Over 100 customized conversations on common situations in daily life. After completion of this course you will be awarded a certificate from Makkah Arabic. For journalists, course is suitable for reporters, newscasters, technicians, traders, agents, businessmen, diplomats, and tourists. Our aim is to enable students to understand and communicate Arabic in an excellent manner. Students are expected to take an active part in the lesson activities.


Quran Reading

This course is designed for students that have completed basic Tajweed course or have a good understanding of basic rules of Tajweed. The course will give brothers a lot of practice in applying the rules they have studied previously. One of the main principles of excellent Quranic reading is repetition and much practice. The Tilawah course will be a good encouragement for those brothers who have a lot of commitments and fear they will not give time for the Quran to practice, brothers who need to be committed to something to do it and any brother who generally wants to apply her knowledge through recitation. Successful completion of the course will allow you to receive an ijazah to transmit the Quran others." Students who pass the exam will receive a certificate


Quran Memorization

Memorization of quran (whole Qur’an) under a professional Qur’an instructor and authorized teachers who will then train you in your journey towards perfecting your recitation and memorization of holy quran. Get these blessings of Allah by memorizing the Quran. Our Quran Memorization Program helps you to memorize Quran in a very easy way. The way would be just like physical classes in Madrassas. You will memorize the holy Quran at your own pace. Students begin by memorizing a set text every day and this can be increased or decreased in accordance with the student’s capability and aptitude. The lesson is divided into three parts; Memorization of the set text, Revision of the current part and revision of the previously Memorized part. Successful completion of the course will allow you to receive an ijazah to transmit the Quran others."


Quran Translation

Arabic is the holy language but unfortunately it is not the primary language for most of us. In order to understand the message of Quran we need to interpret the verses In our own language. This Quran learning course fulfills that purpose. This course will enable you to understand the Quran through translation of Arabic verses into English/Urdu/Bengalia/Arabi.


Quran tafseer/Explanation

The word 'tafseer comes from fassara', which means, 'to explain, to expound, to elucidate, to interpret.' The word tafseer is the verbal noun of fassara', and means 'the explanation or interpretation of something.'

In Islamic sciences, tafseer is defined to be: The science by which the Quran is understood, its meanings explained, and its rulings derived.

At present we are offering the tafseer of the entire Quran with qualified and well experienced scholars(ulemas).the contents of our course include: translation of the Qur'anic verses, their contexts of Revelation (asbab al-nuzul),and the detailed explanation of all the issues discussed in the verses.

Very prominent Qur'anic Commentaries such as Muarif-ul-Quran by Mufti Muhammad Shafi and Tafseer-e-Usmani by Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani are being used by our teachers for teaching. The study of Qur'anic Commentary (tafseer) is a very important part of the Qur'anic studies. It is also inevitable for understanding the Holy quran in a better way as well as for its appreciation. If learners demand to learn any special Qur'anic Commentary (tafseer), that can also be taught according to the requirement of the learners.



Learning tajwid is a must. If you haven't learned it, then you may be reciting the Quran incorrectly, something scholars consider to be sinful if done through neglect. You’re also missing out on an opportunity of tremendous reward

This course is design For those seeking to perfect the recitation of the Qur’an under a Professional Qur’an instructor Learn how to read the Qur’an properly under a certified qualified Qur’an tutor. In this course you will able to learn.

Method of Imam Hafs taken from Asem, the most famous recitation method This course is a basic course to learning how to recite Qur’an correctly with its rules. You will learn the following; articulation points of the Arabic letters, tajweed and tarteel (combining theory and practice), the rules of noon saakinah, meem saakinah, and lam saakinah. The different lengthenings (mudood), and how voweled, and non-voweled letters are formed. The qalqalah mechanism will be explained and practiced in the last chapter. The teacher will introduce terms in Arabic, and then translated into English. Explanations will be done in English, but with integration of the Arabic terms, as they are learned. Students will be expected to memorise selected Surahs with the correct rulings as they near the end of the course in preparation for the next level. Our aim in this course is to help students improve their recitation of the Qur’an and recite fluently with the rules learned in class based on the Tajweed books by world renowned shykh abdurehman makki.


Arbain Nawawi

Examine Imam Nawawi’s cherished and timeless collection of hadiths in order to taste the spiritual and practical advice of the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him. Through reflecting upon and implementing these hadiths, you will experience their relevance to our lives as Muslims in the 21st century

The hadith in this collection are unique among hadith because these are of the Messenger of Allah’s most comprehensive utterances, each one of which is eloquent and full of meaning. By studying these 40 hadiths, one gains a comprehensive understanding of the religion of Islam and clear guidelines for sustained and powerful personal and societal change.

In this course students will Study the entire collection Forty Hadith of Imam Nawawi under the guidance of a scholars(ulema). You will Understand some of the most basic, yet most important, principles in which to live your life. Gain an appreciation of the coherence of Islam as a complete way of life.

In this course the instructor ustadh mufti abut aha will explain the fourty hadith of this collection. Students who pass the exam will receive a certificate


Hadith for kids (40 AHADITH)

This course has been designed for kids from age 8-15. The focus of the course is to teach the kids Ahadith in a way in which they can remember it's lessons. What better way then to tell it to them in the form of a story. In this way they can enjoy the stories from the hadith and at the same time learn valueable lessons which can later on guide them in there lives InshaAllah.


Special course material devised by the Makkah Arabic institute.

Clients Testimonials

I have experienced a change from learning with Makkah Arabic, I recommend to other muslims of all ages because honestly its really exciting to learn things you don’t know.

Ayesha Texas

Alhumdullilah I am so happy to have been introduced to Makkah Arabic, I have learnt so much over the year that i have been with Makkah Arabic. From correctly reading the Qur'an, to learning how to speak professional Arabic. I have never met such kind and patient teachers alhumdulillah, and i will without a doubt In'Shaa'Allah countinue my studies at Makkah Arabic.

Raheeb Sherwani London, UK