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What makes the Makkah Arabic unique?

We have all qualified and well manner teachers and we teach with the help of modern technologies like charts, diagrams ,pictures, audios, videos. pdf, power point.

Our lessons are held in innovative and powerful software which makes elearning more fun and easy. Our qualified teachers have Ijaza to teach Arabic and Tajweed and we provide 24/7 services. We have female teachers for sisters and our lessons are held in full segregation.

Why makkah arabic institution?

Classes are fully segregated with female teachers for female students and male teachers for male students so students can learn in a relaxed environment.

Do you provide 1 to 1 tuition?

Yes, we provide 1 to 1 classes for children, adults, male and female.

Do I need webcam?

No, there is no need for web came to take classes

Do I need to buy course material from makkah Arabic?

No, you do not need to buy course material from anywhere. We will provide all relevant course material free of cost.

How do I know what level of Arabic, tajweed, quran is suitable for me?

A course advisor will arrange a free trial lesson with a suitable teacher at a convenient time for you. During the lesson the teacher will be assessing your level. Based on the teacher's assessment the teacher will advise which course is suitable for you.

What you need to get started?

  • A personal computer/laptop.
  • A Broadband internet connection DSL/Cable.
  • A computer headset.
  • We use skype, a quality internet telephony software, for voice conversation
  • Gotomeeting software will be provided when you will start your classes. You see your lessons on your computer screen during class with the help of this software.

Do I need Credit card information for Trial classes?

No; you are not required to give credit card information for trial classes. No, you are not required to give credit card information for trial classes.

Is there any cost of Trial classes if I start regular?

No. Our Trial classes are absolutely free.

How can I register for trial lesson?

To register in the upcoming trial session please call on phone or on a Skype or fill up the registration form here.

How do I need to get started?

You'll do your learning on line so all you need is internet access and ahead set. Our lessons are held in innovative and powerful software which makes e learning more fun and easy.

Is online tutoring safe?

The good news is online tutoring is extremely safe, or arguably safer, than face to face tutoring. Makkah Arabic assures you that based on our management teams expertise in the field of online learning.

Are lesson held in English language?

Yes, lesson will be held in 3 languages English, Arabic, Urdu and selection of languages for conversation is totally depends on students.

Do you offer children's tuition?

Yes, Children can also enjoy the online experience, attending 1-to-1 classes designed for children only. We are currently offering Quranic Reading, Tajweed ul Quran and Hifdh ul Quran tuition, which are fun and easy. Parents can view the results and monitor the performance of a child. It's an excellent alternative if parents are unable to take their children to the local masjid or find a suitable teacher nearby

If I miss a class what is the alternative?

We understand that you may have responsibilities such as work, family, children, college etc, and may not be able to attend a lesson. In these circumstances, we will try our best to re-arrange a make-up class for you. For this purpose, minimum of 2 hours notification is required.

Once I have finished the course do I get a certificate?

Yes you will receive a certificate by fax, email or by post

Do you teach only quran?

We have departments of Arabic like classical Arabic and modern Arabic, fiqh, hadith, science tajweed, quran reading, quran memorization, quran translation, quran explanation, qaida. you can select any course.

How do I pay?

You can by pay pal, western union, moneygram

How much do your courses cost?

  • Our 1 to 1 tution classes fee from 35$ 100$ for u.s
  • Our 1 to 1 tution classes fee from 25pound 75pounds
  • Our 1 to 1 tution classes fee from 30 euro to 90 euro

What about technical help and customer service?

Yes you can approach us and ask question 24/7.

Clients Testimonials

I have experienced a change from learning with Makkah Arabic, I recommend to other muslims of all ages because honestly its really exciting to learn things you don’t know.

Ayesha Texas

Alhumdullilah I am so happy to have been introduced to Makkah Arabic, I have learnt so much over the year that i have been with Makkah Arabic. From correctly reading the Qur'an, to learning how to speak professional Arabic. I have never met such kind and patient teachers alhumdulillah, and i will without a doubt In'Shaa'Allah countinue my studies at Makkah Arabic.

Raheeb Sherwani London, UK