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All our teachers are well qualified they hold teaching qualifications from islamic  universities and have many years teaching experience.They have extensive experience in their subjects.

Our teachers understand the specific challenges that English speakers face when learning Arabic and quran correct pronounciation,quranmemorization,quran translation, have developed methods to overcome them.

They are all creative and use a variety of techniques and materials.  Our teachers are positive, patient, flexible people with good humour.  They can also advise students on how to study at home.

We select our teachers for individual1 to 1 tuition according to your specific needs and timetable.

Below the brief introduction of our teachers are

Shaykh Ustadh Galal Abdul Aziz Abdullah

Shaykh Ustadh Galal Abdul Aziz Abdullah elbehwashy is a prominent and well known exisitng teacher At Al Azhar University,cairo,egypt. He holds degree in Arabic and Islamic studies from Al Azhar University In 1992 with high ranks, he Has memorized Quran  from Shaykh Ustadh Fathi Rwash afifi in Giza 1983.he has joined MAHAD SHAYKH SALAH ISMAIL,Cairo in 1993 and spent 5 years in Tajweed specialization And Got the degree In tajweed QIRAT HAFAS in 1998.He has approved and has been Awarded IJAZA of Quran/tajweed by SHAYKH ABDUNASIR in 2003.he has led  suscuehanna Islamic community,pennnsylvania,usa being Imam and Quran/Arabic Teacher for three years 2005/06/07.he also appointed By Al Azhar University In Kabul to Teach Arabic and Islamic Studies in 2012/13.he is a head of Makkaharabic Islamic University Arabic and Quran/Tajweed Section.he has experience of over 20 years teaching Quran and Arabic to native and non-native speakers and has been awarded by Al Azhar University as most Experinced Teacher in Januaray 2015.He is very kind and devoted teacher of Makkaharabic.


Ustadha Umm e Najiya

Ustadha umme najiya has joined Islamic university and studied tajweed,sarf,nahw,balagah,fiqh,inheritance law,hadith,tafseer .adab.then she achieved dilploma in tajweed.she has 12 years experience in quran reading and in tajweed.

Emaan Fatehy

Emaan fatehy is the Arabic langauge teacher specially for kids and for women,she was born in cairo.egypt in 1982.she has has attended university of Ain Shams 1998-2001 and she has completed bachelor in arabic language in 2001.she has also certified in tajweed from insitute of alkobela in 2000.she has over 10 years of exeperince of teaching non-native females and kids in cairo and one to one online over skype,she has also done certification in arabic fusha in 2003,she is one of the kind and professional arabic language teacher at makkaharabic.she is working with makkaharbic since 2015.she is most recommeded instructor for women and for kids from makkaharabic.

Ustadh Mohammad Reda

Ustadh mohammad Reda mohammad ahmad was born and raised in cairo,egypt,he has graduated in Arabic studies with excellenct GPA from university of Al mansourah,egypt in 2003.he got number of excellence award for teaching arabic to native and non-native.he has specialization is in Arabic Grammer and he has thought hundereds of students in egypt and in Europe.he is one of the expereinced dedicated and friendly teacher in makkaharabic since 2013,he has over 10 years of teaching experince of Arabic grammer in cairo and online in USA and in Europe.he is considered to be one of the best course instructor at makkaharabic.

Shiamaa Amr Elgohary

is native Arab female teacher born in Giza,Egypt and specialist in Arabic language and Quran,she has ijazaa in HAFS.she has attended Ain Shams University Cairo, Egypt 2005-2009 and graduated with flying colours from the faculy of Arts.she has 5 years of Online one to one teaching experience,she has also worked being a Arabic and Quran teacherin Al Moemen Institute and Nuba Elkheir association ,Egypt,she is one of the professional and well knowledge teacher of makkaharabic.her core subject is Quran and Arabic teaching.she is the best Tecaher of Quran Memotization/reading and of Tajweed.

Gehan Ahmad

Sister Gehan Ahmad has born and raised in cairo,Egypt and graduated from Jamia Al Qahira ( Cairo University),She has one of the finest Quran and Tajweed Native teacher holds Three Asnaad and Ijaza in Hafs Asim and second in Riwayh Warash and third Ijaza in Qirat Ashran.she is teaching at makkaharabic to non native speakers Quran adnTajweed and Adab.

Naglaa Fathy

Sister Naglaa Fathy is Quran and Arabic teacher at Makkaharabic,she has graduated from Jamia Al Qahira.she hld Ijaza in Quran Kareem

Clients Testimonials

I have experienced a change from learning with Makkah Arabic, I recommend to other muslims of all ages because honestly its really exciting to learn things you don’t know.

Ayesha Texas

Alhumdullilah I am so happy to have been introduced to Makkah Arabic, I have learnt so much over the year that i have been with Makkah Arabic. From correctly reading the Qur'an, to learning how to speak professional Arabic. I have never met such kind and patient teachers alhumdulillah, and i will without a doubt In'Shaa'Allah countinue my studies at Makkah Arabic.

Raheeb Sherwani London, UK