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I started my Quran lesson with Makkah Arabic from November, 2013 and within 6 months Alhamdulillah I am reading Quran confidently. The tutor is very friendly and the way he is teaching Quran is very easy for everybody to learn even if he is totally unfamiliar with Arabic before. Another point to note the tutor is very honest and always maintain the lesson time. I will recommend Makkah Arabic for everybody.

Tariqul Islam University of HOUSTON, TEXAS

Since practicing Islam, just under a year ago, I very quickly understood the importance of maintaining a link with the Quran. Due to other commitments and a constantly varying timetable I knew taking lessons online at the convenience of my timing and the comfort of my own home would be ideal. This is when I came across Makkah Arabic and their wonderful team. I was given a trial lesson on the very same day of enquiring, and was assigned a native Arabic speaking teacher who was extremely patient and encouraging. I have been with Makkah Arabic for several months now, and from starting off as a complete beginner, I am now at a stage where I have nearly perfected my tajweed and read fluently. Alhamdulillah. My teacher is extremely accommodating and fits me according to my time and needs. I can also approach my teacher out of class hours for any help I may require. I cannot stress how much joining Makkah Arabic has changed my life – I encourage anyone who may have any doubts to take a trial lesson and I guarantee you will never look back Insha’Allah.

Nadiah Iqbal London, UK

It’s really great to have an online teacher for Quran with Tajweed like MakkahArabic, very friendly and caring for the kids Alhamdulillah.

Rafiya Dubai U,A,E

I am one of the many students studying Quran with the help of Makkah Arabic team for over two years now. Their passion and determination to teach me and my siblings has shown throughout the two years and i am proud to say that via the help of Makkh Aarbic my siblings and I can now confidently read Quran, thank you.

Nimra Shahid London, UK

I have studied from A suburb near Chicago for 2 years with I came in with ability to read, but I learned more precise tajweed and honed in on my ability to read Arabic with Makkaharabic. My brother started off with not very good Arabic reading skills and not great Tajweed, but after 2 years has drastically improved reading with

Ibrahim and Ismail Zulqarni Chicago, US

I am by far the best student learning from Makkah Arabic. I’m cool and I’m 15 years old I have studied for 2 years and rapidly improved my Tajweed, i hope to continue with Makkah Arabic as they are great and kind teachers

Hamzah Khan London, UK

I am a student of the Makkah Arabic and I'm now reading the Quran confidently after being taught by the friendly tutors who not only teach you how to read the Quran and Arabic but also teach us how to pray and memorize surah's so I would definitely recommend Makkah Arabic to students of all ages.

Mohammed Rasoul London, UK

I started Makkah Arabic 2 years ago. Since then i have covered over half of the Quran successfully. I entered Makkah Arabic with only the ability to read the Arabic alphabet. Now I can read the Quran fluently and my family is very proud of me. Quran reading is very easy with Makkah Arabic. In my opinion I am the best student. Makkah Arabic contains the best teachers you could find. They are also friendly which means Makkah Arabic is the best, thank you Makkah Arabic.

Mazin Weber London, UK

When I first joined Makkah Arabic, I was very slow at reading the Qur'an, but with the help and support of the teachers, I was able to improve. I am now reading faster and recommend Makkah Arabic to any Muslims wanting to improve in reading the Qur'an.

Aleena Khan London, UK

Alhumdullilah I am so happy to have been introduced to Makkah Arabic, I have learnt so much over the year that i have been with Makkah Arabic. From correctly reading the Qur'an, to learning how to speak professional Arabic. I have never met such kind and patient teachers alhumdulillah, and i will without a doubt In'Shaa'Allah countinue my studies at Makkah Arabic.

Raheeb Sherwani London, UK

I have experienced a change from learning with Makkah Arabic, I recommend to other muslims of all ages because honestly its really exciting to learn things you don’t know.

Ayesha Texas

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